What is Joliflow?

About Our Name

Joliflow, which means “beautiful flow”, illustrates what we do at so many levels. Our name represents the core of our culture.

Joliflow: A Visual, Social and Interest-based Editorial Management Service

Designed for lifestyle bloggers and brands, Joliflow makes it easy for bloggers and influencers to discover and share news the way they want, from any device.

The concept behind Joliflow was born out of our needs as professional lifestyle bloggers. Like many bloggers and influencers, we’re overwhelmed by our inboxes - We don’t always get the PR pitches that fit our audience. To be fair to PR professionals, we know that it requires hard work from PR firms and marketers to reach the right bloggers or influencers for their pitches, especially now that budgets are tight.

Knowing that time is of the essence for everyone, we decided to create a more efficient news release distribution service for all parties. Joliflow cuts research time and streamline both the social sharing and the editorial process. Joliflow rethinks the way that news are distributed and shared online.

Key Components of Our Solution

Visual: Having access to nice, big pictures is a must have for any lifestyle blogger. For that reason, images will form the heart of Joliflow.

Interest-based: Bloggers will navigate news releases based on their own interests.

Social sharing tools: With Joliflow instant social sharing tools, a blogger/influencer can quickly share his/her take on news from any device. Bloggers will also have access to all the information and assets they need to write a post. Plus, bloggers will be able to contact the marketer if they need to.

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